/> 2 Reasons Theory



People do theories to explain what they think about things in general or if they are pissed off with something , now me well i just like to get my point across , i try that with my poetry but the people i want to see it cant , so then i cant get my point across...then. can I?.

i hate animal cruelty and for that reason im a vegetarian , i think that only cowards can hurt animals in the disgusting way they do because they cant beat up or kill a person , so they hurt helpless creatures of this world that just want to  be loves. Animals trust us and have faith we wont hurt them, so when we do you end up with a broken heart and animal or in some cases a dead soul, and the people that do hurt animals and are found out - what do they get? - basically a slap on the wrist and/or '' we are going to evoke your rights to have any animals in your possession for life ''

i mean what helps that , i mean they are just going to keep them anyway - when they are found out again they get a fine and/or a couple of months in jail - i feel they should be executed or feel the pain they put those animals through.

when im older i want to be a vet to try and help change this world and make a difference - it may not make a huge difference but at least ill be doing my part - you should try and help this world too, you don't need qualifications and if you cant do your part even if its just making a phone call or simply taking in a stray or picking up rubbish that could harm animals then you are just what i feared a FUCKING COWARD just like the rest.


Now for those people who could hurt poor innocent kids - i man how could they do that to those kids who just want a happy life and peace in this world. Now this subject i wont go on about because it just disgusts me and makes me physically sick so THERE.


Now lol i don't think ill go on i have a lot of things i have my opinion and things i could rant about but i would go on forever and frankly i cant be bothered right now

I'll leave it for another chapter



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