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The painful spree of my sadness,

is taking toll on my madness,

so be aware my fearful friend,

because this could be a new set trend.


My lungs are painful after my speech,

afraid to say as i start to preach,

no-one listens seems they're all deaf,

afraid of boredom and of death.


I just wish i could make you see,

but with each second its harder to breathe,

i am not sure, i just don't know,

what to do, which way to go.


I'm sorry my fearful friend i wish i could tell you so,

but with each second your here i want you to go,

please be sure my friend i do care,

but while your around me your life is my fare!,


I want you to know, to see,

it's not just you, you know, just me

i cant help the way i feel,

i don't feel well, no i feel eel,


Sorrow i feel for you i really do,

but please know i know what your going through,

so don't be upset please smile,

and keep it there just for a while,


Don't be sad my broken friend,

don't be afraid to make your mends,

don't be afraid to cry,

spread your wings and learn to fly,


We are like butterflies, yes we are,

together we will fly, fly far,

together the world we will mould,

sometime soon before we grow old,


It does take something to stand out,

and show them what your all about,

ill tour the world your free to come,

ill be the fiddle to your drum,


The sweet voice you sing,

with you ill do anything,

like a band of misfits we will be,

and then together everyone will see,


 Written by 9Rockstar9

and Kate

All copyrights belong to 9Rockstar9 so don't be copying my stuff or I'll f***ing kill you