/> The End



The rents late again,

They're threatening to throw me out.

But they don't understand,

what life's all about.

In this fragile frame,

my heads full of doubt.

They're taking me to a shrink,

but I don't wanna go.

I just dread to think,

what they wanna know.

All my secrets lost inside,

years ago I lost the key.

All my darkest dreams I like to hide,

locked away not so free.

Here I am once again,

my body is such a site.

My clothes are covered in stains,

I'm struggling now to fight.

I am now dead,

lying 6 feet under.

It's not a comfy bed,

but who am I to wonder.

Written by 9Rockstar9

All copyrights belong to 9Rockstar9 so don't be copying my stuff or I'll f***ing kill you