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A review of the Black Parade by 9Rockstar9

The end

Now this song honestly I don't like some of the lyrics are okay but i think it was a waste of CD space. its good at the end of the song in the album it opens the song dead but that's the only good thing about it.



This song was my favourite to begin with but it wears off after a while, it has a good beat and the guitar solos are ok but he aint no Slash but he would be hard to beat. i like the lyrics at the end ''Oh, motherfucker
If life ain't just a joke
Then why are we laughing?''


This Is How I Disappear

The only part i like about this song is the chorus.  The verse lyrics are kinda SHIT, the drum beats ok as that is what keeps me listening to the song its something you can tap your feet to.


The Sharpest Lives

I love this song its my favourite out of this album, its the beat to it and the lyrics that attract me the most.  Gerard's voice is actually the best in this song in my opinion.


Welcome To The Black Parade

This song has been played WAY too much which after a while makes you hate it.  After hearing it live i actually like this song again, i like the drums in this one also it gives a sort of parade effect which is pretty cool.


I Don't Love You

This is a good chill out song while you are listening to the album it sort of gives you a break from the heavier songs, which is good to have in an album. 


House Of Wolves

The best thing about this song is the drum beat and the guitars. The lyrics are good too, but i don't think its ideally situated in the album after listening to a slower song it would kinda fuck you up.



Ah yes the sad song of the album.  this would be a good song to dedicate to people who have suffered loses or are in the situation themselves.  the drums starting in the middle of the song is quite good.



Yes my dad fucking loves this song it reminds him of pink Floyd which im sure mcr would be happy to hear.  I just absolutely hate the part where liza Minnelli comes in i think it kinda ruins the song a bit which is kinda shit.



 me and my dad have had arguments over this song as  when the guy speaking at the beginning says gripping my throat my dad think he says unclipping my bra haha even though ive proved him wrong he is adamant the guy says that. other than that a good song good lyrics.



This is the song I let my little cousin listen to that got him into mcr.  I think the lyrics are good and i love the beat to it and the guitar.



I think the lyrics are good in this song but other than that i don't really know what to think of it, it has a good drum beat and once again i like Gerard's voice and the acoustic at the beginning is good. it really opens the song. 


Famous last words

I know how to play some of this song on the drums. Again Gerard's voice is good and i like the guitar parts.  i love the lyric part  ''I see you lying next to me,
With words I thought I'd never speak,
Awake, and unafraid.
Asleep, or dead.''


Heaven Help Us

I like this song it has a good beat to it its a little different from the rest of the songs which is good, Gerard's voice is ok in this one too.



To begin with I didn't think this was they're best album but it has grown on me and i now think it is they're best album.

This is the opinion of 9rockstar9 if you don't like it you know where to shove it!