/> Feelings



The fear, the sorrow,

the feelings of being hollow.

All you feel, you see,

for all you want to be.

The veins the blood,

everyone's such a dud.

Don't you see, see the hell?

The feeling that you've just fell?

Your eyes are bloodshot,

Your skin oh so hot.

My heart you steal,

my feelings you don't feel.

For you are in my dreams,

everything is not what it seems.

What do you want me to be?

Your heart has stopped beating,

why are you no longer believing.

Do you feel the way I do?

Or are you just passing through?

Please trust me.

I want you to feel safe,

for now I will just wave.

Written by 9Rockstar9

All copyrights belong to 9Rockstar9 so don't be copying my stuff or I'll f***ing kill you