/> Forever 27 poem



Why don't you open your eyes and see,

That forever 27 you will be.

For that constant drinking routine,

you may notice your not just a has been.

Thinking life is just money & honey's,

your going to lose all those goddamn abilities.

So please tell me how is it you died,

has the famous Jim Morrison lied.


Did you have to give your head such a blow,

please tell me I would love to know.

That famous voice of yours forever unknown,

I bet you now feel alone.

All those drugs you took,

you fell for the line, sinker and hook.

So please tell me Mr Cobain,

tell me those new rules you have lain.


So was it all that flower power,

that just happened to cost your last hour.

So what you doing now Mr peace & love,

since Chapman gave you that fatal shove.

You were so good at anti war,

but please tell me what was it for.

Are you looking down from cloud nine,

as the world goes into decline.


Remember the magical guitar man,

Everyone seems to be his number 1 fan.

At 27 he played his last note,

but now above our heads he seems to float.

Now he plays to crowded angels,

I can only guess how that feels.

Play me a song Mt Hendrix,

for seeing your fingers play makes my eyes fix.

(Dedicated to Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon & Jimi Hendrix)

Written by 9Rockstar9

All copyrights belong to 9Rockstar9 so don't be copying my stuff or I'll f***ing kill you