/> 9Rockstar9 Suffering Insane




The Madness Succumbs,

Taking my mind away from me,

Why am I here now,

For now I am bound to the walls of my hell.

Like a little boy,

Like a drummer boy lost with his only toy,

In this wilderness,

Where My Craziness is taking over me!



I feel like I'm in pain,

Suffering Insane, again,

Suffering Insane.

Cause I feel like I'm struggling,

Trying to win this game, again.

Suffering Insane.



I've been here before,

That stranger knocking on my door,

Trying to ignore,

All that dead around my core.

Beating me away,

Like that drummer boy haunting my fucked up head,

Come to me he said,

Time for you to wake and be the live in dead.

Written by 9ockstar9

All copyright belongs to 9Rockstar9 so don't be copying my stuff or I'll f***ing kill you.